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Britpop United

I've photographed the superb West Midlands-based Britpop/Indie covers band Britpop United several times now and it's always a joy. Musicians, I find, are either very easy - or very difficult - to photograph and BU are definitely the former.

Some photographers (understandably) find group shots tricky but it helps massively if there's a great rapport between the members of the group (and by "group" I don't necessarily just mean "band"). Personally, I love artist promotional shoots because they're always creatively interesting.

This particular image was taken within the building that my studio is situated. There are always lots of corners, stairwells, lifts and corridors to play with and at some point, the idea of "Trainspotting" or "Usual Suspects" iconography came to mind. I have used this particular wall many times and for many different types of shoot including fashion and actor headshots.

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